Headstones and Monuments Cemetery Regulations & Your Rights as A Consumer

With books like the “High Cost of Dying” and television news reports exposing the huge price mark-ups of the funeral industry, many consumers have learned that a little comparison shopping for caskets and headstones may save them thousands of dollars when planning a funeral. 

By law, all cemeteries must accept a headstone purchased from an outside source. They may, however, have some regulations on the size, style and color of the stone. 

At MonumentsInStone, we will help get you a written confirmation that the memorial we create will meet your local cemetery’s requirements by providing you with a scaled drawing with specs and measurements.

 Remember to factor in permit and applications costs. All outside markers will probably require a fee for installation and foundation. 

Consumers must contact their cemetery about their rules and regulations before submitting the signed drawing for a headstone order. This will save you any costly mistakes. Please ask your cemetery the following questions and then get their regulations in writing: 

 1) Size: Is there a minimum and/or maximum restriction on the dimensions of the stone?
 2) Type: What types of memorial headstone are allowed – Upright monuments, flat plaques, beveled markers, infant memorials, double interment or companions stones?
 3) Vases: Are vases permitted ones inside the cemetery?
 4) Stone Color: Are there any granite and/or bronze color restrictions?
 5) Delivery & Installation: What are the procedures for delivery and installation of the memorial headstone? Is a fee levied for installation? Remember your rights. If the cemetery pressures you into buying a headstone from their expensive stock, you can take action with your local, government consumer agency. 

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