The granite we use for our headstones, monuments and grave markers comes from some of the finest quarries in the world. Mostly from renown, Elberton, Georgia, the supplier for the stone used for many of the famous monuments in Washington, DC. 

Granite is a tough, durable rock composed primarily of three different minerals. These minerals are easy to see due to their different colors. The white mineral grains found in granite are feldspar. It is the most abundant mineral found in granite. The light gray, glass-like grains are quartz, and the black, flake-like grains are biotite or black mica. 

 The Stone Industry recognizes granite as one of the hardest of all natural stones. 

Elberton Gray / Blue Granite has been a stone of choice for public and private memorials as well as countless commercial uses for almost 100 years. 

1.) Granite is one of the hardest stones known to man, ensuring a beautiful monument that will endure for decades to come. 
2.)Granite headstones are the most common in cemeteries. These memorials stand upright. The top piece is much larger and is called a tablet. 
3.)The bottom piece is known as a "base. Granite grave markers lay flat, flush against the grass. These are quite common in most cemeteries to give them a park-like ambience. Due to most cemetery regulations, most of the flat markers we sell are rectangular. 
4.)Each piece of stone is inspected for any possible flaws. 
5.)We then engrave your granite stone by means of sandblasting, a very precise method of memorializing a loved one. 6.)Let's work together on designing a perfect tribute. Our database includes hundreds of religious, scenic and artistic designs. We can also create a totally original memorial of your choosing. 
7.)Granite headstones and markers may be purchased pre-need. Then, the sandblasting of the final date may be added later at the cemetery. 
8.)Although our site shows primarily gray stones, we can offer granite in different shades of grays, browns, blacks, pinks and reds. Please contact us directly about these color options. 
9.)We also can supply vases matching many of our markers and headstones. Fresh or silk flower arrangements accentuate the beauty of these memorials.
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