Bronze grave markers are flat memorial plaques set on a granite base. The design, name and dates are all cast onto the plaque as a relief sculpture. Bronze markers are an elegant alternative to traditional granites. They lay flat, flush against the grass. These are quite common in most cemeteries to give them a park-like ambience. 

Due to most cemetery regulations, most of the flat markers we sell are rectangular. 

Bronze is one of strongest alloys on Earth, ensuring a beautiful monument that will endure the test of time. Our bronze grave markers can be personalized with different border styles as well as epitaphs and emblems. Together, we can design the perfect tribute for your loved-one. 

The first step in making bronze headstones is to turn the bronze (which is actually a mixture of copper, tin, lead and zinc) into a liquid that can be poured into molds. Blocks of bronze are placed into a large pot and headed to about 2000 degrees, the temperature at which the bronze starts to melt. Once melted, the bronze goes into the molds for the headstones and is allowed to cool. 
workers grind the headstone, removing any imperfections that may appear while the bronze headstones are in the mold. Once the bronze headstones have been chased, workers apply several coats of a dark brown paint called oxidation. Then they rub a solvent around the lettering areas of the headstone. This removes some of the paint and creates a contrast between the letters and the dark brown background. Once the details are complete, a lacquer coating is applied, the bronze is mounted to 4-inch think pieces of granite, and the bronze headstones are ready for shipping. 

The finished bronze plaque is then secured to a granite base usually 4" thick with brass hardware. When the bronze grave marker plaque is securely mounted on a base of solid granite. 

Our Bronze Grave Markers feature an assortment of beautiful designs to choose from. They can be further personalized by adding an emblem and an epitaph.
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