"Bringing God's Comfort in Troubled Times"

We are here to help you every step of the way in choosing the right memorial for your loved-one. It is our mission to come along side you in this time of need. We promise to provide attentive, caring service at a fair price.

The internet does seem an unusual way to plan for a memorial. Traditionally, one has always called upon the neighborhood funeral parlor, cemetery or monument dealer. But, as you know, these local business are a thing of the past. Many have been bought up by big corporations, who are more interested in their bottom line than in providing an honest service.

That is precisely what led us to bring more options to the consumer. We have been there -- and felt moved to right an industry-wide wrong.

MonumentsInStone is the sister company of Interstate Granite, a family-owned, monument manufacturer that has been in business since 1916. We offer elegant, extinguished stone work at a fraction of the retail price.

Choosing the right memorial can be overwhelming. We have simplified it for you on our site. You will find only our most popular models of monuments and markers in both granite and bronze. We can truly personalize your loved-one’s memorial with any design you may have in mind.

We have thousands of designs to choose from, including many Christian, Jewish and Catholic emblems: the Star of David, Crosses, Bibles, the Virgin Mary and more. Engraving can be done in many different languages: Spanish, Hebrew, Greek, Russian, Arabic, Korean and Chinese.

We can work closely with your church, temple, cemetery and funeral home to help lift the burdens from your shoulders.

Do browse our site for headstones, grave markers in bronze and granite, custom mausoleums, vases, statues, companion monuments, cremation items and more.

Please feel free to email or call us with any questions. Fax or email us your details and designs. Our aritisans will quickly send back a proof for your approval.

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